Legal Information

SKY Energy, Inc. is an independent privately owned business now incorporated in South Carolina, United States. The SKY ENERGY Name & Logo, Energy from Above, Fighting Pollution One Revolution at a Time, and Wind-e are registered trademarks of SKY Energy, Inc. with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. Lightray Solar is a trademark of Brian Weninger pending registration with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. All rights reserved.

SKY Energy, Inc. owns and maintains the official company website at The Company also owns and for future web development.

SKY Energy markets wind energy that is generated from new wind farms and wind power plants and sells it with permission by the wind turbine or wind power plant owners, utility companies, or their broker representatives. The Company also offers solar photovoltaic systems & services to residential & commercial customers. In addition the company does marketing, research, consulting, and other business activities. For more information about the products and services please contact the company.

The mailing address for the company is 2131 Woodruff Road, Suite 2100 #203 Greenville, South Carolina 29607 USA. The company's main telephone number is (866) SKY-ENERGY [866-759-3637].